Different Kinds of Pool Tables

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Pool game is considered both as a luxury game and a competitive sport. The choice of a pool table requires an individual’s discretion. Different kinds of pool tables were designed based on the era of manufacture using the locally available materials. The change accompanied the rules of the game which changed over time. Initially, the pool tables were made of slate, it later transformed to the current use of metal and wooden together with velvet cushions to give it an amazing aesthetic value.

The weight of a pool table also determines the kind of pool table. This weight is determined by the type of material used to design the table. Slate pool tables are heavier compared to rubber pool tables. Manufacturer and design of various pool tables also show the bouncing of the billiard ball when it hits the top of the pool table.

Slate Pool Tables

Pool table tops made of slate is the best material; since it helps the ball to flow swiftly and within a very short time. A slate is a specific type of volcanic rock which is perfect for a pool table. Currently, slate pool tables are the most recommended material since most sportsmen have used and proved it beyond reasonable doubt of its efficiency.

Slate as a material is easy to sculptor and craft the end where the ball slides in. These are iconic pool tables where actors in movies will be seen chalking a pool stick or playing a pool game. 

Wooden Pool Tables

Wooden pool tables are the second widely used pool tables after the slate wooden table simple because the wood is easily available. In addition, latching and planning machines are also available to shape it and smoothen the table top.

The legs and the frame are also made of wood. The type of wood used in making wooden pool table is vital. Hardwoods are the best because of durability, although they are heavy in weight and bulk, reducing portability.

Metallic Pool Tables

Metallic pool tables are available in the market though for the high-end market. It is not the entire table made of metal but mostly, the legs and the frame. The type of metal should be rust free to help in outdoor pool games. Aluminum acts as the best metal due to its rust-free nature and lightness in weight. Dismantling and reassembling back again is the easy way to move a pool table such as this one.

However, it is prone to breakage and folds when hit by a heavy object. Some of the tables are made of steel which is also recommended. Despite the use of the metal, the table top is cushioned with a smooth clothing like velvet.

Rubber Pool Tables

Rubberwood is a good material for making sports equipment like pool tables because of their bouncing nature. The smoothness of material also increases durability when in contact with the ball during the game. The only challenge is its ability to be prone to wear and tear, which needs extra care.

The market has various types of pool tables, but before you make a choice on the best pool table, you need to consider your budget; the purpose of the pool and area of operation; the type of material used and durability. In general, for a personal pool table, you do not have to put a lot of considerations compared to a pool table for competitive and commercial sport.

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